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Changes to the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws were introduced on 1 October 2018.

The CMPA has reviewed the “On Road Truck Pickup & Delivery Checklist” (CMPA form 1337) to ensure that it is compliant with CoR guidelines. The checklist has been reviewed by CMPA Members, NHVR and VicRoads.

The purpose of the On Road Truck Pick Up and Delivery Checklist is to ensure drivers are compliant with CoR and to provide the drivers with information of controls and the issue resolution process in the event of concerns being raised.

Included in this current issue review is a section on basic fatigue management. This format is not to replace the National Truck Drivers Work Diary required by NHVL. It is to provide management information in a single format even where drivers are working within 100km radius of the home base. Should the driver carry out work above 100km the National Truck Drivers Work Diary will still be required to be completed.

Key points:

  • Being able to identify that drivers are taking rest breaks through use of the On Road Truck Pickup & Delivery Checklist;
  • A means of management ensuring drivers are monitoring their rest breaks at all times additional to the National Truck Drivers Work Diary and inclusive of work <100km from home base;
  • Reducing the amount of paperwork drivers are required to complete by including rest time in their daily run sheet;
  • Drivers are able to use the recorded information to complete their National Truck Drivers Work Diary in the event of being given a +100km job after doing previous <100km jobs;
  • While this does not replace the need to complete the National Truck Drivers Work Diary, it gives management a point to cross check conditions of employment are being complied with;
  • Administration can use the checklist as ‘cross check’ for recorded GPS tracking data.

The checklists are available now to purchase from the CMPA in a A4 size, bound, hole punched with 50 duplicated sheets and 10 duplicated Issue Resolution sheets in the back of the book.

Cost is $30 per book for members and $50 per book for non-members.

You can purchase using the Publication Order Form or from the CMPA Store.

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