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The Construction Material Processors Association (CMPA) is dedicated to the representation and service of its Members in the Victorian Earth Resources Industry.

The CMPA was formed to represent a broad spectrum of those involved in construction material processing businesses.

Evolving from industry pressure for a peer network of independent quarrying companies, the CMPA now has an established membership base representing businesses involved in the extraction, processing or otherwise working in hard rock, gravel, sand, masonry, clay, lime, soil, gypsum or recycling; industry consultants, industry suppliers and any industry worker.

Since inception the CMPA has been successful in representing Members’ interests to government on issues including rehabilitation bonds, the development of a Work Safely Reference Manual, a Preferred Suppliers & General Information Reference Manual and administration documents – including plant safety checklists and employee wage books. Training courses for industry employees have also been instituted.


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November 30, 2016Safety blitz targets demolition sites - WorkSafe inspectors have begun a month-long blitz targeting dangerous and sub-standard demolition work. Inspectors expect to visit more than 800 demolition and construction sites across the state to ensure work is carried out as safely as possible. (Source: WorkSafe Victoria) Click here for related link
November 30, 2016Safe use of angle grinders - WA’s Department of Mines and Petroleum has issued a safety alert on angle grinders after receiving 28 injury notifications for workers who were using either a four- or five-inch angle grinders; since 1 January 2016. (Source: Government of Western Australia, Department of Mines and Petroleum) Click here for related link
November 30, 2016Preventive maintenance not only keeps dust control equipment working, it’s the key to compliance - Maintaining dust control equipment is the key to compliance, but these days it’s tough enough to maintain production equipment much less dust controls. Poor maintenance is the largest contributing factor to non-compliance and a major cause of citations and fines. (Source: Aggregates Manager) Click here for related link
November 30, 2016Sudden failure of feed hopper - A plant operator heard an unusual noise coming from the run of mine (ROM) feed hopper. On inspection, the plant operator found the feed hopper had collapsed onto the plant feed conveyor. (Source: NSW Government, Department of Industry, Resources Regulator) Click here for related link