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Review of Extractive Industry Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Policy and Bonds in Victoria

The CMPA supports responsible, balanced legislation and community engagement that is in the best interests of the State and acknowledges Victoria’s Aboriginal communities and cultural heritage.  

The CMPA is concerned that the Victorian Government is taking an unnecessarily conservative approach to rehabilitation bonds for the extractive industry when there is no evidence of need. Hence CMPA is undertaking a project to review the Extractive Industry Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Policy and Bonds in Victoria.

Project objectives

The project objective is to produce a Report on the Review of Extractive Industry Rehabilitation; and Rehabilitation Policy and Bonds which qualitatively and quantitively assesses:

  • Their impact on the immediate viability and longer-term sustainability of the extractive industry in Victoria; and
  • The risk profile of the extractive industry and provide recommendations on how the Rehabilitation and Bonds policy can be amended to reflect the risk profile.

Target audience

Construction materials industry, governments (Ministers, Councilors, and public servants) and community.

Specific goals

  1. Review briefing documentation and hold meetings with relevant people
  1. Prepare a history of rehabilitation of quarries in Victoria using relevant material including that provided, that includes:
  • An estimation of the number of rehabilitated extractive industry sites and mining sites in Victoria.
  • Estimate the approximate number of unrehabilitated extractive industry sites and mining sites in Victoria.
  • Summarise the history of risks associated with the extractive industry rehabilitation and compare with mines.
  • Review rehabilitation bond policies for extractive industry in other jurisdictions in Australia and highlight best practice that can be adopted in Victoria.
  • The end land use. This should consider what the landowner can seek or agree to have retained on their site (i.e. hardstands)
  • Determine, where possible, the costs associated with rehabilitation undertaken by the Victorian Government over the last 25 years in the extractive industry and compare with the mining industry.
  1. Explain the differences under the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990 between extractive industry and mining industry: including but not limited to:
  2. Right of entry – i.e. In that the extractive industry, generally a commercial lease is entered into with the landowner.
  3. Ownership of resources
  4. Geological risk of fire
  1. Review the rehabilitation bond calculator for:
  • Excessive and unnecessary requirements based on the lower and different risk profile of the extractive industry.
  • Ability to respond to site-specific end use, land owner requirements, and air-space.
  • Consider if a centrally held management fee would work.
  1. Provision of a legal opinion as to the exposure (contingent liability) to the State of Victoria (requirement for rehabilitation of extractive industry sites to be undertaken by Government).

EHS Support is uniquely qualified to complete this work assignment having already completed major studies and reviews of financial assurance (bonding) and reporting for the mining, energy, and other extractive industries. EHS Support has completed financial assurance estimates and studies in SA, NT, QLD and NSW and has developed guidance and calculators for the Queensland Government. EHS Support has accredited Auditors who regularly verify financial assurance estimates for landfills in Victoria. They have also completed numerous advocacy assignments for Industry including the Queensland Resources Council, APPEA and the Mining Club associated with, rehabilitation requirements, offsets, financial assurance, and taxation.

The Project is expected to be completed by 25 November 2021 with a presentation to Members at a General Meeting in Bendigo (COVID-19 restrictions permitting).

Dr Elizabeth Gibson will manage the project and any comments or if you would like to be involved in the CMPA Rehabilitation Project please contact EHS Support will be seeking written responses and/or interviews with members who would like to contribute. Examples of questions to be considered are:

  1. What do you see as the main issues associated with the rehabilitation regulation and bonding system in Victoria with respect to quarrying?
  2. What specific aspects of the rehabilitation regulation and bonding system impact your business?
  3. Have any of your operations undergone a bond review under the new system and if so, are you able to supply the details?
  4. Are you able to supply any specific correspondence with the regulators including calculations and determination of bonds for past and current projects?
  5. What specific aspects of the rehabilitation regulation and bonding system would you like to see changed and do you have ideas on how they should change?

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The Acting Chief Health Officer has issued the new COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination (Workers) Directions, which came into effect at 11:59pm on 7 October 2021.

From 15 October 2021, to work onsite at a work premises, workers must be able to provide evidence to their employer that they have either:

  • received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, or
  • have a booking to receive a first dose by 22 October 2021, or
  • have a medical exemption from an authorised medical practitioner.

This means that from 23 October 2021, workers need to have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine to attend work — unless they have a medical exemption.

From 26 November 2021, to attend work, workers will also be required to provide evidence to their employer that they have received a second dose – unless they have a medical exemption. The new Directions apply to employers of select workers, including contractors, volunteers and students on placement. A full list of workers can be found here.

The website includes Frequently Asked Question for workers and Frequently Asked Questions for business and industry. This webpage will be updated as further information becomes available.

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These past 20 months have been incredibly hard on all Victorians. We have missed our loved ones and doing the things we love, all the while buying time for people to get vaccinated.

Opening up too soon – before people had the chance to get the jab – would mean our hospital system simply could not cope and catastrophic numbers of Victorians would become seriously unwell.

However, as more and more Victorians get that protection, we move to the next phase of the pandemic and we have the opportunity to open up. The path to being open again will be difficult – but essential to moving forward as a state.

Victoria’s Roadmap

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The CMPA is holding this workshop on Thursday September 16th 2021 via MS Teams, 10am – 12:30pm to assist members with their responsibilities when it comes to understanding Victorian government requirements and compliance for the Local Jobs First policy (LJF) and social procurement policy along with assistance with social procurement commitment reporting. There is an increasing requirement by government for businesses to comply with the LJF and social procurement commitments, especially when bidding for and managing construction and related projects.

Mia Consulting Services (Mia) is pleased to offer their support to CMPA and it’s members to better understand and meet these policy requirements. Mia will provide an overview of the LJF and social procurement policy requirements as well as processes for gathering and submitting data and reporting against these policy commitments.

Thursday 16th September 2021 10:00am – 12:30pm

10:00am  An overview of the LJF and Social Procurement

The LJF policy and associated requirements such as the Local Industry Development Plan and Major Projects Skills Guarantee.
Understanding the Victorian Government’s Social Procurement Framework.

11:00am Break

11:15am Re-Commencement

How to report on social procurement and local content commitments, including some practical tips and tricks.

12:30pm Finish

Via Videoconference – Microsoft Teams will be used for the event.
Once you have registered, information and a link will be provided to you to join the event.

Victorian Government Purchasing Policies – Attendance Form

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Victoria’s resources sector remains strong and the outlook overwhelmingly positive with record quarry production, minerals exploration expenditure growth and the highest yearly gold production in over a century.

Minister for Resources Jaclyn Symes today welcomed the 2019-20 Earth Resources Sector Indicators report, which highlights several positive trends.

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From 31 July 2021, WorkSafe inspectors will be able to issue infringement notices to duty holders who are alleged to have committed any of the prescribed offences in the regulations.  Importantly, for duty holders, if you are already complying with your occupational health and safety duties, you won’t need to do anything differently. The scheme is an additional enforcement tool for WorkSafe.  Further information can be found at:

WorkSafe Infringement Notice Scheme

Infringement Offences

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The CMPA is seeking tenders from suitably qualified and experienced consultants for Review of Extractive Industry Rehabilitation and; Rehabilitation Policy and Bonds in Victoria.
The request for tender project brief is available from:
Tender closes at 5pm on Tuesday 10 August 2021

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A substantial day is planned for CMPA Members and other interested industry contributors in the west and northern suburbs of Melbourne.
The CMPA and a number of Associate members are holding this workshop to provide operators with an understanding of how to properly maintain
components of their fixed plant to ensure they are running to the best of their ability.

The one-day workshop is an interactive process which encourages the active involvement of the participants rather than a lecture session.

A provisional agenda is given below:

8.30 am — Registration

Presentations by:

AVWELD / Alloys International presentation on repairs and life extension to high wearing equipment. Welding and patch repair consumables.

HMA Flow & Industrial presentation on maintenance of drive systems (gear
boxes, belt drives, electric motors and bearings)

Oli Vibrators and ToThink Engineering (Aust) presentation on preventative
maintenance including vibrators and vibrating screens.

Site Visits:

12.30pm — Lunch at AVWELD, followed by site tour of the factory

1.30pm — HMA Flow, demonstration of a vibration analysis tool

2.00pm — William Adams, tour of workshop and presentation on
Contamination Control

Click here to view invitation