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RIIPRO205A — Conduct Blending Plant Operations


Box Hill Institute of TAFE


Diane Wilson – 03 9286 9711


This unit covers the conduct of blending operations on a work site. It includes the planning and preparation for operations; the operation and post operational procedures of a blending plant.

  • Work Safely Training (mandatory unit)
Specific skills
  • Apply operational safety requirements
  • Access, interpret and apply technical information
  • Applying the plant operating procedures
  • Maintain production and equipment records
  • Apply diagnostic techniques
  • Use relevant hand tools
  • Dispose of environmentally sensitive fluids and materials
  • Apply chemical and fuel safety measures
  • Work wearing personal protective equipment
  • Work alone or as part of a team.
Element Breakdown
  • Plan and prepare for operations
  • Operate the blending plant
  • Carry out post-operational procedures
Examples of application
  • Collecting, analysing and organising information – to prepare to carry out allotted operations.
  • Communicating ideas and information – to inform others of hazards or equipment faults.
  • Organising activities – to complete work in accordance with agreed plan and outcomes.
  • Working with teams and others – to ensure the safe, effective and efficient operation of the blending plant.
  • Using mathematical ideas and techniques – to complete daily operational reports.
  • Solving problems – to find problems with the blending plant.
  • Using technology – to operate the blending plant monitoring system.