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The CMPA is holding this vital 1 hour webinar to inform Members on how to best stay ahead of the game when it comes to cyber security and data management.

 This webinar is for owners, managers, supervisors and IT staff.

It will be an interactive webinar involving all attending participants.


Prevention – actions undertaken in advance. Sometimes this is referred to as mitigation or controls. Examples include; firewalls, endpoint monitoring, access controls, cyber awareness training, having alternative sources of electricity or alternative communication systems in place. Prevention activities should be happening all the time.

Preparedness – making arrangements, creating and testing plans, training, educating and sharing information to prepare personnel should a cyber-attack eventuate. These are also ACTIONS and they are happening all the time.

Response – the assistance and intervention during or immediately after an attack. Focus is on protecting lives and protecting business intellectual assets (buildings, roads, infrastructure). Usually measured in minutes or hours for cyber-attacks.

Recovery – the coordinated process of supporting the business, affected stakeholder communities providing digital infrastructure and restoration of business operations. Usually measured in weeks or months.

Date: Thursday 24th August, 2023

Time: 10.00 – 11.00am

Via MS Teams

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